Robert Fuller

Robert ‘Shotgun’ Fuller: The 1960 Murder of Albert Pitts Jr., David Lee Pitts, Earnest McFarland and Alfred ‘Monk’ Marshall and Wounding of Charlie Willis In …

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L.C. Murray

L.C. Murray was a Klansmen in Natchez, Miss., during the 1960s when he became Secretary of the United Klans of America, Mississippi Realm. Murray was …

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Ernest Avants

Ernest Avants was a Klansman who was convicted in 2003 for the murder of Ben Chester White, a 67-year-old farmhand in Adams County, Miss., who …

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E.D. Morace

E.D. Morace was a Klansman from Ferriday, LA, who became an FBI informant. One Klansman described Morace as the head “hatchet man” for the Ferriday …

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Earl Hodges

Earl Hodges was a mechanic in Eddiceton, Miss., killed by Klansmen in 1965 over fear that he was going to tell authorities about wrecking projects …

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