L.C. Murray

L.C. Murray

L.C. Murray was a Klansmen in Natchez, Miss., during the 1960s when he became Secretary of the United Klans of America, Mississippi Realm.

Murray was paid $75 per week to work in this position by UKA Mississippi Grand Dragon E. L. McDaniel, who also was a close friend of Murray’s.

Murray was known to recruit Klansmen on the streets of Natchez and to spy on civil rights meetings. He and another Klansman were once caught following an FBI agent’s wife. Murray reportedly apologized after getting caught.

Natchez Police Chief J.T. Robinson told the FBI that Murray was “an overgrown kid,” and considered a suspect in every incident of racial violence in Natchez, including the bombing of the home of Natchez Mayor John Nosser in 1964 and the car bombing of NAACP President George Metcalfe in 1965.

Informants said Murray was a member of the Silver Dollar Group, a secret Klan cell linked to multiple racial murders in Louisiana and Mississippi. Murray also was identified as one of the attendees of an SDG fish fry in Concordia Parish in June 1965 when Klansmen experimented with explosives while reportedly planning the murder of Metcalfe.

Murray became an FBI informant in 1967.

L.C. Murray was a Klan recruiter and state officer in the Mississippi Realm of the United Klans of America. He later became an FBI informant. (FBI file photo)

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