Donald Holland

Donald Holland

Donald Holland was an operator of a feed mill in Meadville, Miss., and purported member of the Ku Klux Klan.

FBI agents questioned Holland following the murder of Wharlest Jackson in Natchez in 1967. Informants told the bureau that Holland was among several men attending a Silver Dollar Group meeting at a Vidalia restaurant a week before the bombing. SDG leader Red Glover hosted the meeting.

Informants said Holland would report to Glover each time agents visited. Holland told Glover what questions agents asked him.

When interviewed by FBI agents, Holland was often hostile, and ultimately refused to answer questions, stating: “Do you have a warrant? If not, I have nothing to say.”

Once, he told agents that Black people and FBI agents were responsible for the Jackson bombing.

Holland was the recipient of several medals for commendable service during the Korean Conflict.

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