Woodrow “Blue” Holloway

Woodrow “Blue” Holloway

Woodrow “Blue” Holloway was a Klansman from Ferriday and a member of the Silver Dollar Group.

He earned his living as a heavy equipment operator.

Holloway attended Klan meetings and rallies through northeastern Louisiana.

Informants told the FBI that Holloway was one of several Klansmen who grew disillusioned with SDG leader Red Glover over the sale of carbines. Holloway had learned that Glover purchased the carbines for $30 each from a Vidalia police officer and then sold these weapons for $95 each to Klansmen.

Klansmen believed that Glover was selling the weapons at his cost to arm the SDG.

Holloway was known to be in possession of explosives obtained for Klan wrecking crew purposes.

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