A collection of cases for the LSU Cold Case Project

FBI Closure

When a murder case drags on for 40 years, evidence grows thin, witnesses disappear from the scene and prosecution becomes increasingly problematic. Bringing closure to the families of cold-case murder victims by turning over what the bureau has discovered through its investigation – even when it has hit a dead end — often is the best measure of success for the FBI’s Civil Rights Cold Case Initiative, say those charged with investigating Ku Klux Klan-related murders of the 1960s in Louisiana and southern Misissippi.

Grand Jury

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Twenty of the 112 cases – representing 27 deaths, five in Louisiana and 10 in Mississippi – reactivated under the FBI’s Cold Case Initiative more than five years ago remain open and the FBI, charged by Congress to bring closure to 126 individual civil rights-era murders, warns that challenges to resolving the crimes become more daunting by the year.

L.C. Murray

  Keywords: L.C. Murray, UKA, KKK, Ernest Finley, Ethel Murray, Silver Dollar Group, E.L. McDaniel, Ernest Parker, Jack Seale, John Dawson, Red Glover, George Metcalf, Wharlest Jackson,...


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Hate Groups

Keywords: Hate Groups, Aryan Nations, Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, CCC

Hate Rocket

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\ Keywords: Joseph Daniel Hawkins, Bombing, OKKKA, UKA, Sam Bowers, Earl Wilson, JL Harper, Burris Dunn Jr.,

Reverend Lee

Keywords: Robert Lee Jr., Racial Change, Jefferson Parish, Carrie Gibson, Harry Truman, Clayton

Robert Fuller

  Keywords: Robert Fuller, Klan Activity, Albert Pitts, Marshall Johns, Ernest McPharland, KKK, OKKKK, OKA

Jack Seale

Keywords: Myron Wayne Seale, Jack Seale, Woodie Davis, Ferriday, Scarborough, James Scarborough, E.L. McDaniel, Ernest Gilbert, Dale Walton

Unsolved Murders

Keywords: Unsolved, Murders, Louis Allen, Benjamin Brown, Carrie Brumfield, Joseph Edwards, Isaiah Henry, Wharlest Jackson, Oneal Moore, Frank Morris, Mack Charles Parker,...

Wharlest Jackson

  Keywords: Wharlest Jackson, Minor Street, Bomb, Denise Ford, Exerlena Jackson, Mississippi State University

Tommy Lee Jones

  Keywords: Ferriday, Kenneth McKnight, George Sewell, Jack Seale, James Lee Scarborough,Thore Lee Torgersen, Tommy Lee Jones, Silver Dollar Group, Natchez Mississippi,

Kenneth Norman Head

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Jesse Paris

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