Search the LSU Cold Case Project Database for Civil Rights Cases from the 1950s Through the 1970s

The Civil Rights Cases have been obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the FBI. Search through the 175,000+ pages to discover facts, interviews, and more.

  • James “Bill” Blaney

    James “Bill” Blaney was a Klansmen who was recruited into the Silver Dollar Group by the SDG’s leader, Raleigh Jackson “Red” Glover. Blaney and two […]

  • James (Jim) F. Lee

    James “Jim” Lee, also known as “Red,” was a member of the Silver Dollar Group and a suspect in several wrecking crew acts of violence, […]

  • James Ford Seale

    James Ford Seale was a violent Klansman from Franklin County, Miss., who was convicted in 2007 in the 1964 murders of two Black teens. Seale […]

  • James Horace “Sonny” Taylor

    James Horace “Sonny” Taylor was a Klansman from Harrisonburg, LA, who became an informant for the FBI. In 1967, Taylor told his FBI handler that […]

  • James Lee Scarborough

    James Lee Scarborough was a member of the Silver Dollar Group and one of several suspects in the 1964 murder of Ferriday shoe shop owner […]

  • Jewel Lee Burt

    Jewel Lee Burt was a Mississippi Klansman who lived near Fayette in Jefferson County. He was employed at the Armstrong Tire Plant in Natchez. Burt […]

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