Cold Case Members


Graduate Students

Matt Barnidge  

Britt Christensen

Minjie Li

Olivia McClure

Paromita Saha

Matt Schaeffer

Jay Stafford

Amy Whitehead


Undergraduate Students

Matthew Albright

S. Renee Barrow

Gordon Brillon

Chelsea Brasted

Ryan Buxton

Zach Carline

Jake Clapp

Ward Colin

Sydni Dunn

Andrea Gallo

Kayla Hampton

Joshua Jackson

David LaPlante

Sarah Lawson

Katie Macdonald

Justin McAcy

Wilborn Nobles III

Briana Piche

Patrick Richoux

Morgan Searles

Brian Sibille

Robert Stewart

Kevin Thibodeaux

Jennifer Vance

Ben Wallace

Marylee Williams

Lex Wilson

Drew White



James E. Shelledy

In appreciation

The LSU Cold Case teams have been provided invaluable assistance from Stanley Nelson, editor of the Concordia Sentinel; Chris Allen and Samantha Shero, FBI Director’s Office; Nelson Hermilla and Emmanuel Ellefson, Department of Justice FOIA division; and MaryKay Schmidt, National Archives archivist and FOIA specialist.

Also rendering great encouragement and support over the years are three deans of the Manship School of Mass Communication:  Jack Hamilton, Ralph Izard and Jerry Ceppos.  Additionally champion the cause has been Manship Development Director Sara Z. Courtney.