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James Seale, Carol Smith, Franklin County, Meadville, Mississippi, Bunckley Road, WKKKOM (White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi), Clyde Wentworth, Don Seale, Clyde Seale, Billy Buckles, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, Ft. McPherson, Georgia, Jack Seale, James Lee, Lismore Road, Wildsville, Louisiana, Silver Dollar group, Ferriday, Louisiana, Harrisonburg, Louisiana, River Group, Meadville Group, Varnado, Louisiana, Neil, Mississippi, Province Giant, Exalted Cyclops, House Committee on Un-American Activities, Washington, D.C., United Klans of America, Incorporated (UKA), Monroe, Louisiana, OKKKK (Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan), ACCA (Anti-Communist Christian Association), Bogalusa, Louisiana, Amite, Louisiana, Grand Dragon, Fulton County, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, Alabama Knights, Alston Building, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Imperial Wizard, Prattville, Alabama, National Klonvocation, Brookhaven, Mississippi, Booker Road, Shreveport, Louisiana, Charleston, South Carolina, Haltom Lumber Company, Charles Moore, Henry Dee, Charles Marcus Edwards, Charlie Snodgrass, Rex Armistead, Preservation of the White Race (APWR), John Nosser, Ernest Avants, Calvin Clark, Jimmy White, Ernest Finley, Eddie McDaniel, L.C. Murry, Lennie Schuchs, Thomas Young, Tommy Jones, Paul Foster, Fayette, Mississippi, Sam Bowers, Laurel, Mississippi, Douglas Byrd, Ernest Gilbert, Billy Buckles, Julius Harper, Clyde Wentworth, Pike County, Mississippi, Pike County Klan, William Dennis Ware, A.C. Harrington, Raleigh Jackson Glover, James Scarbrough, Charles Evers Inaugural Ball, Kenneth Norman Head, E.D. Morace, Minutemen Unit, Franklin Street, Commerce Street, Ike Williamson, Jake Frishman, Jack Seale, Charles Falvey, Ralph Day, Grady Newell, George Metcalfe, Clyde Seale, Adams County, Robert Shelton, Bude, Mississippi, Walter Gene Hall, L.C. Murray, Archie Prather, Bonanza Club, Bailey Odell, Earl Hodges, Alford Morton, Tastye Freeze, Jayess, Mississippi, Baton Rouge, Louisiana